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"What is done in love is done well."

- Vincent VanGogh- 

Hi! I'm Lauren, and I have a confession: I love making fancy things. My goal with Beyond Measure Co. is to produce things with extra detail, made just for you. I also hope that you feel loved while using my product. I have said a prayer with every order that I have embroidered in hopes that God will show you His blessings, just as I have been blessed beyond measure. 

I am a wife and mother of two little ones that are still at home for a few years before they leave me during the day and go to school. Growing up, I always told people that I wanted to be a nurse because that's what my mother was. Turns out, I realized that I was only saying that because I really wanted to stay at home with my future children and bake and make arts and crafts with them like my mother did with us. Now it has come full circle, and I get to stay home with my children and make all the things with them!

I went to college as a pre-nursing major, but wound up needing to change my major a semester after meeting my future husband because I didn't realize that if I took courses out of order (to be with a really cute guy in History), I would wind up having to wait another year to place into the nursing program,so I switched my major to Biology and graduated 3 years later! God knew what He was doing, though, because with my Biology degree I have taught junior and high school Math and Science classes. I have also been teaching English online for the past 3 years. Now, I am using the Chemistry side of my degree to make soaps. Whenever I make soap, I think back to Mrs. Durrand's Chemistry Lab where we made soap and colored it with crayons. Don't worry though- no crayons were used in the making of your soap! 

I was given my love for sewing from my Grandma Green, Great-Grandma Green, and a few other ladies in my family. They even did embroidery and needle work! When I was young, my parents gave me a baby blue sewing machine. I still use it to this day. I have only used a pattern once in my life... and decided that patterns were not for me. If I want something made, I think it through and then compare it to other similar items that I already own. I measure and cut until it is just right. Then, I sew it and piece it together. Quilts, shirts, dresses, masks... etc. Most of the items that I embroider are bought in a store and I just add the detail. I have sewn some aprons and hand towels to make them custom, but most of the time I can keep things more cost-effective for you if I buy it pre-sewn. ;) 

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about me! I hope to embroider or package something up for you really soon! 

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